As one of the Microsoft's fastest growing applications, Microsoft Teams has become a foundational technology for collaboration and remote work. Organizations create hundreds, if not, thousands of matters (projects) per month. The challenge is to create these Teams and Channels in a timely manner and map them to matter numbers, while enforcing information barriers and other security & privacy requirements.

Phoenix offers Prosperoware CAM to enhance productivity and collaboration within Microsoft Teams, all while adding a governance layer over content. CAM is an enterprise privacy management platform designed to improve processes around management of office documents and reduce risks related to privacy & cybersecurity.

As a Strategic Prosperoware Partner and iManage’s Partner of the Year, clients will appreciate our award-winning implementation and support services for a smooth and seamless experience.

CAM is available both, on-premises and in the cloud.



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Key CAM Features for Microsoft Teams

 MS Teams & Channels Provisioning & Management

  • Provisioning of Teams and Channels from Practice Management, Time & Billing, CRM, etc., and through a workflow form with approvals
  • Automatic & consistent naming of Teams & Channels
  • Effortless provisioning through CAM’s readily available templates
  • Automatically create tabs to DMS web application
  • Apply matter security from ethical walls and other systems of records

Matter Directory – Data Map & Master Metadata Management

  • Ability to map Teams and Channels to matters Assign unlimited, custom matter (project) metadata
  • Easily locate & search matters through a profile search

User & Group Management

  • Seamless management of users & groups (internal & external collaborators)
  • Automatic membership updates for users & groups
  • Quick application of security & permissions to only those who need to know

Movement of Documents Between MS Teams and DMS

  • Scheduled document movement between MS Teams & DMS Manual document movement between MS Teams & DMS

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