Knowledge is power – which means that getting to exactly what you need quickly is crucial. Now finding and managing information across your entire enterprise is easier and more efficient than ever, thanks to the powerful AI capabilities of iManage Insight.

iManage Insight is the next generation of enterprise search, powered by the iManage RAVN AI platform. This innovative tool enables your professionals to mine the entire depth and breadth of company knowledge available to them, working smarter and achieving faster results.

A key feature is the visual Knowledge Graph™ which shows relationships between areas of interest and data – and harnesses previously hidden knowledge and expertise. iManage Insight makes a significant difference by learning from user search behaviour, and then building links between data assets and people in order to better understand and deliver relevant content via a single dashboard view. Other key features include narrowing search by source, file type, data and query text, and use of industry specific terms in search criteria.

    • Advanced search capabilities, powered by AI
    • Relevant content is automatically promoted
    • Reveals relationships between knowledge assets and people

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