Existing and emerging regulations, such as the impending EU-General Data Protection Regulation, have made it more important than ever to know what content you have – and what content can be disposed of. Organisations that don’t respond appropriately risk substantial fines - for GDPR that’s up to €20 million or 4% of global annual turnover for the preceding financial year. Add to this the evolving and growing threat of cyberattack and the data security challenge becomes even bigger. And all of this is set against the risk and obvious harm to the firm’s reputation.

One of the strongest methods for protecting and managing content containing personal sensitive information is to destroy that content when appropriate. iManage Govern allows you to manage both physical and electronic content (stored in iManage Work) at a granular level, and apply retention schedules to it. A workflow gives final permission to destroy content to the Partner Responsible, ensuring that your governance policies are followed.

Phoenix’s wider solution suite makes it even easier to comply with regulation, compliance and governance initiatives by securing, encrypting and ensuring that content stored in iManage (and other repositories) containing sensitive personal information can be discovered and redacted or extracted if required.

New add-on modules to protect your data

 To keep up with the evolving cyber security threats facing all professional service firms, iManage have launched two new products which deliver powerful enhancements and further bolster confidence for you and your clients.



iManage Threat Manager

Protect sensitive data from malicious attack from external and internal threats.

iManage Threat Manager delivers threat detection, monitoring, investigative capabilities, alerts and reporting to protect sensitive information in your iManage system 24/7 across any device, anywhere.

A high-performance solution, iManage Threat Manager integrates with iManage Work and deals with the challenge of modern security attacks including phishing (where the attacker has managed to compromise the network perimeter) and insider malfeasance (where the traditional security stack is rendered ineffective).

    • Peace of mind thanks to sophisticated, highly accurate threat detection around the clock
    • Reduces false positives, enabling greater attention is given to higher risk alerts
    • Data breaches and the time needed to neutralise a threat are both reduced
    • Comprehensive investigative and reporting tools

iManage Security Policy Manager

A comprehensive solution for global security policy management.

iManage Security Policy Manager ensures you can quickly and effectively enforce client-oriented ‘need-to-know’ policies for sensitive content, as well as easily maintaining ethical walls and barriers.

A key advantage of iManage Security Policy Manager is that you can enjoy the most sophisticated data protection without impacting how your professionals need to work on a daily basis. Content held in non-iManage files can also be protected.

    • Role-based dashboards for administrators, owners and users
    • A scalable solution for need-to-know security protection
    • Reduces the time spent on access management
    • Responsive design with client-centricity at its core

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