GDPR changes have made it more important than ever to know what content you have – and what content can be disposed of. Firms that don’t respond appropriately risk fines levied by the data watchdog of up to €20 million or 4% of global annual turnover for the preceding financial year. This is on top of the obvious harm to the firm’s reputation.

One of the strongest methods for protecting and managing content containing personal sensitive information is to destroy that content when appropriate.  iManage Govern allows you to manage both physical and electronic content (stored in iManage Work) at a granular level, and apply retention schedules to it.  A workflow gives final permission to destroy content to the Partner Responsible, ensuring that your governance policies are followed.
Phoenix is also working on a suite of tools to make it even easier to comply with GDPR by securing, encrypting and ensuring that content stored in iManage (and potentially other repositories) containing sensitive personal information can be discovered and redacted or extracted if required.



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