As a company, DocsCorp always puts the customer first which is clear from their product development focus and user-centric enhancements as well as their customer service provision. We have been partnering with DocsCorp since 2005.


What does DocsCorp offer Phoenix clients?

We have chosen to work with DocsCorp for lots of reasons.  Firstly, their range of document production tools are not only practical and relevant to today’s professional, they are also well-designed and easy to use. The DocsCorp product suite also integrates tightly with iManage and other Microsoft Office tools which ensures a seamless solution for your IT team and your users.  We will install, train and support the products on an ongoing basis.

We incorporate DocsCorp products into many of our client solutions as they offer a variety of practical benefits that aid efficient document production. Our recommended solutions include cleanDocs, contentCrawler, compareDocs and pdfDocs.


Phoenix Business Solutions is now part of the Morae Global Corporation family. Read the Press Release.

How we add value

Once implementation has happened and your users are enjoying new functionality and tools at their fingertips, it makes sense to address your document management and document production environments via one support model.  This not only simplifies the support process; it also makes accountability clearer too. Working with Phoenix means you simply call on us as a single support partner, which makes life much easier for everyone.

DocsCorp products we support

We can embed the latest suite of DocsCorp products into your workflow. Click on the icons below to find out more.

How can we help you?

If you want to address your information management and enterprise content requirements, we would be delighted to discuss what we can do to help. Why not call us today?

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