In an era of escalating cyberattacks, are you staying on top of data privacy, governance and security?

Are you able to guarantee the security of clients’ data and demonstrate strong data governance policies?

Can you ensure compliance with data protection initiatives and respond in a timely manner?


At a glance

Phoenix provides a range of solutions and services to help firms address their cyber security, compliance and information governance requirements:

    • Consultancy and security awareness training covering policies, procedures, processes and controls.
    • On-premises, hybrid and cloud-based web gateway platforms that detect, inspect, respond and protect client environments from cybersecurity threats.
    • User behaviour analytics that conduct risk assessments of internal resources and monitor the estate to pinpoint unusual user activity.
    • Compliance and policy management to define the appropriate policies and controls providing secure, privilege-based access to maintain confidentiality and privacy of information.
    • Threat identification protecting against data breaches, identifying vulnerabilities and securing the environment against the risk of outside attack.
    • Security information and event management (SIEM) providing real-time monitoring, correlation and analysis of security alerts generated by the network.

How we make a difference

The threat landscape is constantly evolving, which means robust protection is an imperative. We deliver both consultancy services and access to the latest technologies, products and processes. In this way, we help our clients create and enforce policies in-line with data security compliance initiatives and protect against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks and data breaches.

We start by helping you to identify disparate information stores, where they reside, their relevance and how to conform to governance policies and compliance requirements. The solutions we then deploy keep day-to-day information management processes secure – including encryption, retention, identification and destruction of data - as well as safeguarding your confidential client information.

Together we ensure your firm is protected against reputational damage and financial risk.

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