Using Machine Learning Technology to Prevent Highly Sensitive Information from Being Leaked

Introducing our partners, CheckRecipient, a London startup that uses machine learning to help prevent emails from being sent to the wrong recipient. Tim Sadler, CEO shares his views on the importance of protecting and preventing potential data leakage on email. The discourse around email security is often framed as the bad folk trying to get in, rather than something as simple as human error. And yet, a plethora of high-profile cases in recent years prove that a major data breach can easily be caused by something as simple as a misaddressed email.

“56% of people said they have sent an email to the wrong person at work.”

Over 200 billion business related emails are sent and received every single day and in a recent survey, over 56% of professionals admitted to having sent an email to the wrong recipient. Email remains the core artery of communication for organisations and is the channel over which sensitive information, trade secrets and personal data is communicated. However, in spite of this, over 60% of organisations have no preventative measures in place for email data leakage.

“Misaddressed emails were the #1 form of digital data security incident reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in 2017.”

Most organisations devote significant time, effort and money to preventing malicious attacks on their data, however, data breaches due to human error involving misaddressed emails account for a large majority of recorded security incidents. However, most organisations are significantly unprepared to deal with the huge problem of data loss through human error.

Such a mistake can have huge ramifications ranging from grave career consequences, right through to major reputational damage or financial harm for the firm. With drastic changes in regulation just around the corner email security is now more important than ever.

When introduced, GDPR will force organisations to report all personal data breaches to the appropriate governing body (this will be the ICO for the UK) and maintain a register of these internally. Fines for the worst breaches will rise to up to 4% of an organisation’s past year’s global turnover.

“CheckRecipient’s Machine Learning technology is capable of automatically detecting and preventing highly sensitive information being sent to the wrong people.”

The CheckRecipient technology analyses historical email data to understand the normal sending patterns and behaviours of users within an organisation in order to detect anomalies that represent potential threats such as misaddressed emails and emails to unauthorised accounts. This self learning technology allows organisations to demonstrate diligence to clients and regulators by measuring and controlling the risk of data loss via email.

Join our webinar: Protect against human oversight and prevent misaddressed email errors to learn how your highly sensitive information can easily be prevented from being inadvertently leaked. By using machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically detect and prevent emails being sent to the wrong person – we’ll walk you through a solution that requires no change to the way in which employees send emails and no IT administration.

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