Phoenix sponsors iManage ANZ Seminars in Auckland & Melbourne in October 2018.

  • 23 Oct, 2018

Phoenix Business Solutions is delighted to sponsor both iManage ANZ Seminars in Auckland & Melbourne, to be held between October 29-31 2018.

The fundamental axiom driving iManage is the fact that technology is continuously playing a bigger and more advanced role in all organizations that offer customized, knowledge-based services to clients. This means that law firms, accounting consultancies, financial services companies, government agencies and corporate legal departments are all facing what is now often described as a “digital transformation challenge,” where legacy solutions are not sufficient to influence required changes. 

To help meet this challenge, iManage has steered its long-term development efforts to focus on four pillars, which research reveals to have the most impact on facilitating change: Improving the user experience, improving the ownership experience, optimizing security, and using artificial intelligence to create a man-machine partnership, where AI technology not only enables knowledge management, but also takes care of mundane tasks, freeing workers to concentrate on strategic initiatives – all with the goal of enhancing the practice and business of professional services firms today.

While the iManage solution portfolio is still designed to help professionals securely access, share and leverage information, however and wherever they work, iManage is investing in a larger vision to expand benefits to customers, while vigilantly reducing costs and improving efficiencies and options for the iManage Cloud.

Phoenix looks forward to meeting all attendees, and should you wish to discuss any of the above with our expert consultants or to understand how the above can impact your organisation, feel free to arrange an appointment with us or contact us in advance of the event.

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