Phoenix announces Cybersecurity, Compliance & Information Governance Division

New business offering will help law firms and professional services organisations establish strong data governance policies and reinforce the value of their information resources

Phoenix Business Solutions announces a new business division, augmenting its long-established leadership position within the global enterprise content management sector. Phoenix’s Cybersecurity, Compliance and Information Governance (CCIG) division has been established in response to the growing need for legal and other professional services firms to not only address increasing concerns around information security and privacy, but also transform the value they achieve from their intellectual property through improved data governance and management.

With its May 2018 deadline, the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places clear emphasis on the safeguarding of personal information and creates new requirements for legal and professional services firms.

In addition, in an era of escalating security risk, the sensitive nature of much of the information- both personal and commercial - that firms hold is making them increasingly high-value cybersecurity targets – especially given the self-regulated nature of the industry.

“Today’s cyber security challenge is one of corporate risk and should be a board level concern. Firms need to look beyond technology and view security as more than a standalone IT process,” comments Jason Petrucci, CEO, Phoenix Business Solutions. “The most forward-thinking firms are now recognising that the ability to demonstrate strong information governance policies is not only a commercial imperative, but that the technologies being deployed to support compliance and information security initiatives can also play a transformative role in unlocking value from the data they hold.”

With over 400 clients globally and a 14-year heritage in providing document and content management solutions, Phoenix Business Solutions’ CCIG division will offer clients a complementary range of cyber security and information governance solutions and services, including on-premises, hybrid or cloud based web gateway platforms, behavioural analytics; compliance and policy management; threat identification, security information and event management; and consultancy and security awareness training, to help address their cybersecurity, compliance and information governance requirements.

Jason continues: “The emphasis within law and professional services firms is shifting. If the legacy was about understanding where within the organisation the relevant information resides, then the future is about being able to secure and protect that information whilst continuing to provide high quality, profitable work, simply and efficiently. Firms can no longer continue to ignore the reputational and financial risks associated with inaction”

He concludes: “This is why I am pleased to announce Phoenix’s new CCIG division. Established on our foundations as one of the legal sector’s leading enterprise content management providers globally, our aim is to help our customers address today’s compliance and cyber security requirements through improved information governance, whilst also harnessing new technologies and processes to augment the value of their data.

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