Heightened Cyber Security Concerns raise the Importance of Vigilance and Best Practice in Data & Information Management

The latest cyber security breach has cast a huge spotlight on organisations’ IT infrastructures and data security across all business sectors globally. The latest series of attacks, whilst first highlighted by their rendering the NHS unable to deliver services across a large swath of the UK, is actually a global issue with hundreds of thousands of organisations from large corporates to SME’s to individuals affected.

The ransomware attack, called Wanna, Wannacry, or Wcry, has currently been seen in over 150 countries. It is part of an NSA zero-day tool that was exposed to the internet a few months back and plays on the vulnerabilities of older Microsoft operating systems. Delivered in email form, the ransomware relies on users to click on a link to release the virus into the system, restricting access until the ransom requested is paid. Whilst training and policy can help educate and potentially avoid mistakes, you can never fully guard against human error, making it important to have the right technology in place to inform and protect against attacks. In the case of the NHS, the reason why some Trusts were affected and others weren’t is down to the use of out of date IT infrastructures and the ability of attackers to exploit those vulnerabilities across the network.

This spate of attacks again highlights the need to have the robust infrastructure in place to guard against hacks from both cyber and internal attack. In recognition of the ever-increasing importance of cyber security and the need to protect an organisation’s sensitive and personal data, Phoenix recently announced the launch of its Cybersecurity, Compliance and Information Governance (CCIG) division. With CCIG, our aim is to help legal and other professional services firms address increasing concerns around cyber security and information security and privacy, and incorporate best data governance practices within their organisations.

As part of the CCIG offering, Phoenix has partnered with iboss, a solution that defends against malware, advanced threats, data loss and enables the easy delivery and management of comprehensive security protection across complex and decentralised enterprise networks.

In the case of the recent cyberattack, the iboss platform’s multiple security layers would provide strength-in-depth defense against malware getting into the organisation, and post-infection layers would stop the ransomware Command & Control (C&C) communications, and provide ‘infection outbreak’ reports to help expedite any response and remediation steps. In summary, iboss is providing multi-layered pre-infection and post-infection defence to its customers.
As further evidence, customers on the iboss platform, including several large NHS Trusts, remained secure throughout the attack.

Jason Petrucci, Chief Executive Officer at Phoenix Business Solutions explains, “With increasing cyberattacks and a spotlight on data breaches, Phoenix considers it vital that our role evolves to help our clients understand the internal and external risks to their organisation, as well as the opportunities. Our aim is, on the one hand, to help our clients understand the threats to which they are exposed and to work with them to protect their environments.”

Jason concludes, “Having been at the forefront of the industry for the last decade, Phoenix aims to continue to provide high-level advisory services through being exceedingly proactive. The market is crying out for a consolidated, comprehensive, vertical-specific data security offering, that takes in to consideration what that business process looks like. And this latest breach only serves to highlight the importance of best practice in data security and management. Our CCIG division provides a nicely crafted, niche security proposition for the professional services sector where we can add value in all these aspects for the next decade, and beyond.”

Article written by Jason Petrucci

Chief Executive Officer

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