Every day a vast amount of information is stored across your organisation’s DMS, in a variety of differing formats. It is often assumed that all this data can be easily searched and accessed. However, the reality is that there are huge volumes of “dark data”, such as image files and pdf’s in the form of non-discoverable documents, which remain hidden from your search.

With GDPR now only a few months away, and with individuals given the right to request ALL data that you hold on them, any omissions, including dark data, are likely to place firms at risk of breaching regulations.
Equally important in this environment is the ability to prevent metadata leaks by scrubbing clean any damaging or private information from the metadata within MS Office, PDF and ZIP files; particularly pertinent when sharing client information with 3rd parties.

Join us for a webinar to review two solutions from DocsCorp - contentCrawler and cleanDocs - as we look at how they meet these specific challenge head on.

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    28 Nov, 2017

    11:00 - 12:00 CET

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