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The launch of iManage Work 10, the Security Policy Manager and Threat Manager will now help professionals improve productivity, security, make better decisions and work smarter both as an individual and within a team.

Last month, our longstanding partner of 15 years, iManage gave us an exclusive look behind the curtain of its all-new cloud infrastructure, ahead of the announcement of its latest Work 10 document and email management solution, and two security products, which now successfully solve some long-standing problems for the legal and professional services industries.

Here is our view on the benefits these latest features will bring.

The Game Changer: Work 10

iManage, Work 10, is an entirely new, redesigned document and email management application packed with powerful new features that help today’s modern professionals work more productively on any device, from anywhere, at any time. In conjunction with this, iManage has enhanced its iManage Cloud services to deliver significantly greater scale, performance and reliability. Generated using advanced technologies relied upon by consumer platforms such as eBay, Twitter and Uber the iManage Cloud is the first and only cloud service to bring this proven technology to document and email management for specialists inside the legal and professional services sector.

The all-new cross-device user interface will perform a lot faster due to its considerably lower footprint within Office applications. This should make a significant difference to both high-latency connections and mobile access to content. The product has been designed for a totally fresh user experience. Some examples include:

• A single, mobile-first user experience that ensures users can learn the software once and have a consistent experience across phones, tablets and desktops — enabling professionals to work and stay productive on the go.

• A simple and intuitive user-interface. The application leverages metaphors that users are already accustomed to through their use of common Internet applications, reducing the learning curve and increasing user adoption.

• A simple, yet powerful, personalised search interface with filtering options to enable easy navigation of large result sets.

A Sanctuary of Security

Generating utmost interest are the two new security products from iManage –Security Policy Manager and Threat Manager. Both products work on the premise that the attacker has already gained access into the system with phished credentials – it’s all about limiting damage once they’re in and using machine learning to detect even the most careful hacker.
Security Policy Manager solves a problem many vendors have been grappling with for years – how to lock down sensitive content instantly without causing performance problems. The Achilles heel of most ethical wall products is the need to ‘re-file’. Re-filling has been, until now, a necessary step that cascades security rights down to every affected folder and file individually. This can be a very long-winded process, which leaves you open to risk whilst it completes. Other products work around the re-file problem by creating groups for every matter in advance – this often causes as many problems as it solves due to the extra load placed on the system as it checks thousands of group memberships every time it opens a file.

This is where Security Policy Manager enters. The product adds a ‘secure perimeter’ around walled matters, and a full management interface to manage access. The Security Policy Manager will deny access to content prior to any Access Control Lists or other restrictions being enforced, unless the user has rights to the matter in question. If you’re on the list, then you can progress to the matter and be subject to the controls within the workspace. This means instant lockdown of matters with no need for cumbersome re-files.

This is very welcome news to many of us who have been applying ever-more awkward workarounds to the re-file problem for years – particularly when switching to a ‘need to know’ security model

Now imagine the hacker has compromised a user’s credentials and is merrily downloading your content – what then?

Threat Manager employs machine-learning techniques to spot anomalous use of the system. The clever bit is that it doesn’t do this based on firm-wide static thresholds, it identifies when a user is doing something out of character – such as downloading or accessing more document and matters than usual and reacts accordingly.

These two new security products enable professional services firms to easily manage their global security policies and increases confidence in the knowledge that all sensitive date is protected by identifying malicious attacks, or internal threats with the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency.

Full credit to iManage for packing such a punch!

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Article written by David Malkinson

Technical Director

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