Burness Paull uses SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization Software to bring SharePoint and HighQ environments together

  • 08 Feb, 2017

Burness Paull, a leading Scottish law firm, has selected SeeUnity’s software and Phoenix Business Solutions’ services to help synchronize its iManage, HighQ, and SharePoint content.

Burness Paull, which employs more than 500 people, has been using iManage, HighQ, and SharePoint separately for some time. iManage is its preferred Document Management System, SharePoint is used for internal collaboration, and HighQ is used for external collaboration. While the firm liked each technology for its intended purpose, managing content over three platforms was challenging. As the use of HighQ and SharePoint expanded, the firm’s need for integration grew. It sought a solution that would help integrate the three platforms in order to make document synchronization simpler for the end user as well as provide auditability and conformity from an IT perspective.

Phoenix, who recently became a SeeUnity reseller, knew exactly the solution to implement: SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization. Echo Content Synchronization will be implemented in a way which keeps iManage as the main repository for documents. It will be configured to synchronize content from iManage to HighQ and SharePoint.

“By synchronizing selected content between iManage, HighQ, and SharePoint using SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization, we will be sharing documents more efficiently by eliminating current manual processes,” says Billy Kirkwood, IT Director for Burness Paull. “Not only is it a time saver for administrators, it ensures our lawyers and clients gain access to the latest versions of documents quicker and it allows us to fully utilize the native tools in each product without re-engineering how we create and store documents.”

Phoenix is currently implementing SeeUnity’s software for Burness Paull and aims to have the solution fully rolled out by mid-year.

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