Automate, Outsource, or Own? Data-driven resourcing decisions for modern legal teams

We are attending the breakfast briefing hosted by Brightflag and Stout. Senior legal leaders will be providing their experience, predictions, and insights into how legal teams can start using data to inform strategic resourcing. 

With senior in-house leaders having more choice than ever about how to resource legal work for their organizations. The discussion will be about getting the right legal work done by the right person at the right time through automation, in-sourcing, or outsourcing.

Greg Weigel, Regional Director - Americas of Phoenix Business Solutions will be at the breakfast. Contact him here if you would like to meet for a coffee to discuss your requirements to take the first steps in making your business Be Efficient, Be Safe and Be Smart.


9:00am: Registration and networking coffee and tea
9:20am: Breakfast served
9:30am: Introductory remarks by Alex Kelly, Brightflag COO
9:45am: Panel discussion: Automate, Outsource or Own? Data-driven resourcing decisions in the modern legal department
10:15am: Questions and answers for panel
10:30am: Post panel networking

  • When

    06 Mar, 2019

    09:00 - 11:00

  • Where


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