Bedell Trust Selects Phoenix & SeeUnity to Help with Content Synchronization

SeeUnity and Phoenix Business Solutions are pleased to announce that Bedell Trust, an award winning independent trust company that serves clients around the globe, has selected the SeeUnity solution to help maintain common content across its document management systems. Phoenix Business Solutions, the implementation partner, will be implementing these solutions with Bedell Trust.

Historically, Bedell Trust has been using Filesite (iManage) to store and manage all client related documents but has recently began using Microsoft SharePoint (SharePoint) to establish client portals and share content, such as reports, directly with clients. While both solutions are very good at tackling their separate challenges, when used separately for these different purposes, careful management of content is required.  Bedell Trust wanted a solution that would make content maintenance more efficient whilst also reducing risk to allow it to grow its already successful solution.

 “We were pleased to find SeeUnity’s solution for content synchronization to help us address the challenges involved with using SharePoint and Filesite separately,” says Stephen Chiang, CIO of Bedell Trust

Specifically, SeeUnity will help streamline Bedell Trust processes by using Echo Content Synchronization to replicate content between SharePoint and Worksite, providing full version control and maintaining a single version of the truth. Phoenix Business Solutions implemented the solution into the Bedell Trust environment, the official go-live implementation is expected within the next 2-3 months. For more information contact

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